stāy clean

Hand Soap - Variety Pack (Fragrance-Free, Lemon Citrus, Eucalyptus & Jasmine, Lavender)


Infused with active skin moisturizing ingredients, stāy clean hand soap will leave your skin feeling clean, nourished, and delicately scented.  With our unique combination of hydrating ingredients including aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, your hands will look and feel their best after every use!   The variety pack provides you with all four scents; Eucalyptus & Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon-Citrus and Fragrance-Free!


Pump one to two drops into hands and apply warm water.  Lather hands thoroughly for an overall clean experience.


Pack Size:

2 8 FL. OZ. (236.6 mL) - Eucalyptus & Jasmine and Lavender

2 16 FL. OZ. (473.2 mL) - Lemon-Citrus and Fragrance-Free


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